We’re excited to invite you to the Randomized Coffee Trials at the IHPME Cafe hub powered by Ten Thousand Coffees and supported by RBC Future Launch!

We know we’ve entered a new era in the world of work, where organizations are focused on the soft skills as well as new professionals’ abilities to always be learning. The best way to improve those skills and continually gain new knowledge is to meet others with diverse perspectives. Through the IHPME Randomized Coffee Trials, you will be introduced to our alumni, faculty, senior fellows and fellow students¬†¬†to meet up for career conversations or networking opportunities, in-person or online. We invite you to ask questions, tell your story, share your experience, and build connections over coffee.

What will you get from the program?- An opportunity to develop your networking and communications skills through real-world practice with experienced leaders;- Obtain knowledge and insight from experienced healthcare executives and other members of your growing network, based on your industry and interests;- Gain a better understanding of what career paths are available as you enter or continue your career.

We hope you’ll take 2-3 minutes to join the program by signing up here:

Looking for more details? Please visit the Randomized Coffee Trials page on the IHPME website for information on how it works, including a short video!

For any additional questions, please contact Lydia Sequeira(Lydia.Sequeira@mail.utoronto.ca) or Crystal Milligan(Crystal.Milligan@mail.utoronto.ca).

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