The IHPME GSU has developed mentorship programs to support students during their graduate studies and connects “students with students” for mentorship, coaching and support. 

The following offerings are currently administered by GSU executives:

The IHPME Peer Support Program (Peer to Peer Mentoring)

Available to HSR and MHI Students, the Peer Support Program connects incoming (first year) students with upper year students in the same academic stream to share knowledge and experience about the learning experience within IHPME and support transitions through academic programmes.

Student Alumni Mentorship Program

The program matches upper year IHPME students with IHPME alumni who have recently graduated from the program.  The goal is to help graduate students in advanced stages of study to transition to their professional field and to explore future careers opportunities.  This program is currently only available to HSR students but will be expanded to MHI and MHSc students in future years.