Academic Resources:

Health & Dental Plan:

Details on our Graduate Health & Dental Plan can be found here.

2022/2023 Opt-in and Opt-out Period:

Fall Semester: September 1, 2022 – September 30, 2022
Winter Semester: (for new students only) January 1, 2023 – January 31, 2023

 **No exceptions will be made if the opt-out date is missed**

Employment Opportunities:

  • Check out the jobs section of our parent IHPME website for up-to-date job opportunities!

Teaching Assistant Opportunities:

Funding Opportunities:

  • IHPME Conference/Data Collection Stipend for PhD students:
    • IHPME will provide a one-time $500 stipend for full-time and flex-time PhD students in years 1 – 4 to: (1) attend or present at a conference, and/or (2) help with costs incurred in data collection specific to PhD students’ dissertation research (e.g., survey development/distribution/collection, the purchase of “cut” data from administrative databases, travel to/from sites for data collection, tokens of appreciation for participants, interview data transcription etc.)
    • This stipend can be used for a mix of data collection and conference-related expenses as needed
    • This stipend is made possible by a redirection of Institute funds and, in part, through adjustments effective September 2019 to the bonus structure for externally funded competitive awards (see IHPME’s Funding Policy

Please retain all original receipts and fill in the expense reimbursement form (which you can obtain from Once completed, please submit all information to You will be required to present proof of payment (i.e. a print out of your credit card statement showing the charge – you can then block out the other charges). Finally, please fill in this short survey regarding your conference experience

Conflict Resolution:

The Grad Conflict Resolution Centre supports our University of Toronto graduate community in taking steps to prevent, manage or resolve conflict. No matter is too small to discuss. Visit their website to find out more details or send them an e-mail to book an appointment!