IHPandMe FIT4FALL 2020

Congratulations to all 19 teams and 42 students who completed more than 300 live and bonus challenges in November’s IHPandMe Fit4Fall Challenge. The results are in:

  • First prize for the team with the highest number of completed challenges is “3 Maskateers
  • Second prize for the team with the second-highest number of completed challenges is “breaks4biostats
  • Third prize for team participation drawn at random is “Original GAIN-sters

We’re hoping you could spare 5 minutes to share your feedback with us here: https://bit.ly/37gS8nO – all answers are anonymous.

We congratulate all 19 teams who participated and appreciate their team spirit, effort, and determination to enhance activity levels. We all win when we work on our health and wellness!

Week 1 Bonus Challenge – Tuesday November 3rd

Week 1 Bonus Challenge – Thursday November 5th

Week 2 Bonus Challenge – Tuesday November 10th

Week 2 Bonus Challenge – Thursday November 12th

Week 3 Bonus Challenge – Tuesday November 17th

Week 3 Bonus Challenge – Thursday November 19th

Week 4 Bonus Challenge – Tuesday November 24th

Week 4 Bonus Challenge – Thursday November 26th

Special thanks to Carolyn for facilitating these sessions!

Follow her on instagram and check out her website for more resources.