IHPandME Winter Feels 2021

The IHPandMe Winter Feels challenge is designed to encourage finding balance and care for our mental well-being as we continue to buckle down and stay home. Better yet, let’s do this together! All IHPME and DLSPH students are eligible to participate!

For 30 days (February 15th to March 16th) participants are invited to engage in a series of gratitude and wellness activities of their choice for a chance to win e-gift cards (from a vendor of their choice). The Health and Wellness Committee compiled a list of activities for you below.

We’d like you to reflect on how completing each activity made you feel, and you’re encouraged to anonymously share your reflections (via photos or text) on our Padlet, a virtual post-it board.

Register by 5 PM EST on February 13thhttps://bit.ly/3rzNtVm

Here’s how to earn gratitude and wellness points starting Feb 15th:

  • Join two 30-minute Zumba classes led by the highly energetic Mafie Akan on February 18 and February 25 at 6 PM via Zoom. Each Zumba class is worth 25 points.
  • Complete as many activities as you can from the checklist below. Each activity is worth 1 point.
    1. Spend an hour doing at least one of the things that puts your mind at peace
    2. Rewrite your most favourite compliment you have ever been given
    3. Compliment someone
    4. Take a walk on a new street
    5. Video call someone in your support network
    6. Connect with an old friend who you haven’t been in contact with for at least 3 months
    7. Try a new recipe or cook your favourite childhood meal
    8. Read at least 10 pages from your favourite book before going to bed or read your favourite childhood book
    9. Complete a task that you’ve been putting off
    10. Show appreciation for one of your greatest qualities
    11. Contemplate what it is you have learned about yourself since the pandemic started
    12. Do one thing that you enjoyed doing as a child
    13. Start a jar of joy for 10 days: everyday, write down one thing that brought you bliss on a little slip of paper, then place it in a jar
    14. Treasure from trash – transform an old/recyclable good from your home into something new
    15. Wake up before sunrise and start your day with your favourite activity
    16. Get a full 8 hours of sleep
    17. Register for and attend a wellness program: https://bit.ly/3jBPayM
    18. Check-in on someone you think might be going through a tough time
    19. Clean/organize a space you’ve been putting off
    20. Plan a virtual movie/social night with your colleagues/friends
    21. Draw, colour or paint something
    22. Practice guided meditation for at least 5 minutes
    23. Practice Hygge
    24. Listen to music by an Indigenous artist
    25. Host or join a virtual dance party
    26. Create a new feel-good playlist
    27. Take a cute photo of your pet or plant
    28. Learn something new for Black History Month
    29. Learn a new word and try using it in conversation or in email correspondence
    30. Binge a new TV show

Points and Prizes:

Each Zumba class is worth 25 points.

Each activity completed from the checklist is worth 1 point. You may complete an item more than once for more points.

In addition, you can earn BONUS POINTS for anonymously sharing your reflection on our Padlet. At the end of the challenge, we plan on sharing this Padlet on the IHPME GSU website.

You can also earn MORE BONUS POINTS by completing a variety of items:

  • 5 bonus points for completing 5 different items
  • 10 bonus points for completing 10 different items
  • 15 bonus points for completing 15 different items
  • 20 bonus points for completing 20 different items
  • 30 bonus points for completing all items

You are then eligible to win:

  • $20 gift cards for the top three participants with the highest number of points
  • $10 gift cards for three additional participants chosen at random