October 23rd 2020

Present: Lydia, Dane, Chloe, Anna, Qi, Husayn, Lilian, Ruby, Maaike, Dave, Alex, Alyssa,
Arlinda, Rebecca, Elzar, Tara, Chris, Flora, Emmanuelle, Brian, Mairead, Jessica, Victoria
Regrets: Dina, Nada, Mikayla, Kayla, Danielle, Aravind, Katherine, Monica, Isra, Jillian,
Crystal, Zakariya, Amika
General announcements:

  1. Discussion with our program director: Dr. Audrey Laporte (interim director until Dec
    o Very supportive of overall student wellness
    o Invitation to IHPME faculty meetings
    § Will give us an opportunity to inform and engage staff for any GSU

o Has invited Arlinda and Lydia to the faculty meetings to ensure that we have a
clear connect with the faculty (every other month)
o If there are any specific things that come up within each of your sub-committees,
please let Arlinda or Lydia know so we can pass this along to the faculty
o Had a successful meeting today – told them about our mentorship activities, etc.

  1. $500 conference funds extended to include data collection activities as well (submit
    receipts for reimbursements as usual). Will be shared more broadly soon.
    • Anything that has to do with your thesis project, you can submit for
  2. IHPME GSU 2019-2020 Accomplishments
    . Please fill out any accomplishments (events hosted, mentors recruited etc.) here:
  3. Part-time work:

• Short term contract with ACE (Accessing centre for expertise) (ASAP) –
please share with colleagues

• https://ihpme.utoronto.ca/events/student-information-session-ace-accessing-

o Knowledge of Cantonese or mandarin
o 4-week contract to work on a project – ideally 2-3 days/week
o Would be working very closely with Rebecca Hancock Howard
o Literature review, conceptual framework, and developing the slide
deck for meeting
o Will send around posting
o MORE Info:
§ ACE contract (3-4 weeks working with Dr. Rebecca
§ Ideally we would have someone 2-3 days per week over the
next 3-4 weeks. Some of the work could be flexible, but I’d

like to work closely with the person so they’d need to be
willing/able to meet in person at IHPME 1-2 times per week
during regular working hours.
§ The duties do not fall within a standard project style. We’d
need someone to help develop a conceptual framework, help
draft a report based on a targeted (informal) literature review,
and help prepare materials (slide deck) for an upcoming
roundtable consultation.
§ Email Rebecca.Hancock@utoronto.ca for more information or
if interested.

GSU Exec Check-in:
• President: Arlinda Ruco
o Thanks so much to the people who volunteered at IHPME’s open house! You are
o Thank you for Lydia, Dane, and Mikayla who went to Moonshot and had a booth
• Vice-President: Lydia Sequeira
o No updates
• Secretary: Flora Vieira Zamora
o No updates
• Communications Lead: Dina Bayoumy
o Please send by Friday for posting the next Monday
o Also please let her know which avenue she needs to use to send out the info
• Treasurer: Brian Lo
o Head Grant Application
§ Finished and will submit and have a better indication of our funding
o Expense Reimbursement:
• Social Activities Coordinator: Jessica Ramlakhan
o Dalla Lana food drive (more info below)
o Pub Night – Nov 6
o Skating night
• Health and Wellness Lead: Elzar Sipin
o Has contacted Whitney and Audrey regarding some dates, hasn’t heard back
o Has some ideas but wants to make sure the senior leadership is on board
o Has a contact for a speaker RE: burnout – will reach out
o If anyone has any ideas, please contact Elzar at elzar.sipin@mail.utoronto.ca

Separate budget
• HSR Mentorship/Peer Support Lead: Alexandra Cernat
o Had orientation
o Went really well – great turn out – 30 people
o Halloween Event – Nov 6 – pizza, candy, etc.

• MHI Peer Support Lead: Mairead Mulroy
o Graduate in Dec 2019
o Elections for GSU done and in the midst of voting – will have a new GSU
member soon!
o Decided to host an event rather than doing the gift-cards
o Great start to mentorship
o 30/36 of the upper-year students are mentors and new students = 28
o Are hoping to get more involved with greater IHPME students
• Alumni Committee Co-Representatives: Dane Mauer-Vakil & Mikayla Munnery
o Completed recruitement
o 11 alumni and student dyads
o Will send out match emails this week
o Going well!
Academic Rounds
• Scholarly Activities Coordinator (Lunch and Learn): Chloe Mighton
o AI and healthcare – hoping to have first one for end of November
o Has reached out to Dr. Jennifer Gibson
o Still in process and will try to alternate with the other academic round leaders
• Health Policy Rounds: Aravind Rajendran
o Unable to get a speaker for November but have a speaker for December. Need to
confirm with him.

• Student Rounds Coordinator: Jillian Macklin
o Put out a call for students who want to present

Curriculum & Programs
• Curriculum Committee Representative: Husayn Marani
o Nothing much to report
o Has heard mixed reviews re: 5011 four-day course – want to get more formal
o Proposed idea of an AI collaborative program
§ Emphases vs collaborative program
§ There has been interest in both
• HSR Emphases Representative: Maaike DeVries
o Discussion re: HTA and cost-effectiveness courses
§ Looking at bringing more opportunities for this
o Health informatics had issues with course enrollment and trying to figure out how
to do this
o Outcomes and evaluation – more discussion on what this constitutes
• Clin Epi Representative: David Forner
o No updates
• MHSc Representative: Ruby Bola and Tara Mckay (Y1), Kayla Chow (Y2)
o Food drive (supports Daily Bread) & Hygiene drive (supports Covenant House)
§ Will run from Nov 1 – Nov 29
§ Boxes on the 4th floor (IHPME office), 6th floor, possibly 5th and 7th floors

§ Will be advertising this Friday
§ Flyer will be out soon
§ Jam drive – jam from Niagara region to raise funds
§ Daily Bread: Non-perishable food items
§ Covenant House: is a youth homeless shelter that accepts unopened
hygiene products, so that would be a great organization to donate dental
supplies, feminine hygiene products, and soap/shampoo/conditioner etc.
o Senior fellows round table – want one that’s more MHSc (career) focused vs
research focused

• MHI Representatives: Mairead Mulroy & Katherine Kresta
o Will see new reps soon
• eMHI Representative: Monica Chao
• SLI Rep: Isra Hussein
IHPME Research Day
• Research Day Co-Chairs: Qi Guan & Lilian Lin
o Settled on a theme!
o Had a great first meeting
o Progress going well!

Other Councils
• Environment Committee Representative: Anna Cooper Reed
o Design and development workshop – Jan
o Case competition – Feb
§ Have 6 grants – have enough to fund the case competition
§ In November will start communications for the case competition
§ Will be open to greater U of T community
§ Formed teams can apply – still figuring out if single members can apply –
Anna will update
§ If interested in being a member – talk to Anna – meetings every 2 wks, but
not all members need to attend, give opportunity to allow people to learn
about sustainability efforts
§ Core exec team – will take care of the main events

• DLSPH Councils:
o School Council: Crystal Milligan, Christopher Noel, Nada Dali, Elzar Sipin,
Victoria Haldane, VACANT (professional Masters)
§ No new updates
§ Meeting – Nov 25, 2019
o Education Committee: Danielle Toccalino, Zakariya Thraya, VACANT
§ Meeting – Nov 4, 2019
§ Tips: very formal, so introduce yourself to the chair
o Executive Committee: Maaike De Vries, Amika Shah
§ Meeting invite sent out

• UofT GSU Representatives: Alyssa Kelly, Emmanuelle Arpin, Tara Mckay
o First meeting at end of Sept

o Very interesting
o Sophie McGibbons – Units 3 and 4 – also resigned – but now will be the new
finance commissioner
§ Role: addresses academic and funding issues
§ If there are any complaints from students and then talk to the greater
people at U of T
§ Finance commissioner has resigned – will be leaving as of Nov 1
§ Election at next meeting on Nov 29
§ For finance commissioner 3 and 4 and other positions
§ Lots of debate about the head grant
§ Board voted to hire a mental health onsite councillor – for the GSU
§ Meeting tomorrow to discuss how needs assessment and then will
move on with hiring process

Other items?
• More support for upper year students
o Meet and greet
o Helping connect upper years
o Helping with next steps, networking, etc.
o Help with comps – possible student rounds for December?
• Improving Moonshot for new graduate students
o Found that it’s challenging to network with faculty, students and alumni – even
more so for new students who may not know too many others yet – how can we
bridge this?
§ Possible sticker system (on name tag) – one for new students, returning
students, faculty, etc.
§ Possibly set a meeting point with other IHPME students before event and
go together?

o Lydia to follow -up with Taylor and Rebecca

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